A healthy, plant-based snack is included in each session. Children will learn the health benefits of each recipe while working together to create their own samples! Inclusive to dietary needs/allergies.

  • Trained educators
  • CPR & First aid certified
  • school programs
  • daycare workshops
  • camp workshops
  • community outreach

We come to you!

 School Programs, Daycare & Library Workshops, Camp,  After School & Birthday Programs!  We provide all materials, preparation and clean up to leave you worry free!

If you have a group of inspired learners, please register at dave@compassionatekids.ca !!!

Imagine our children changing the world!

Our fun, interactive, hands on programming at Compassionate Kids does just that!  We give our programs' kids the inspiration, information and the ability to live healthy and compassionate lives through our 4 interactive and informative programs - the power of natural foods, environmental protection, caring for our animal friends and supporting and loving ourselves as individuals. Our programs' kids will gain and grow in their ability to influence and change their world each day! Each workshop includes a fun, hands on and healthy, plant based learning experience. Imagine your 7 to 12 year old getting their young hands into a bowl of healthy, fresh spring roll ingredients and then enjoying their own creation! 
The children will grow in knowledge that is not taught in typical schooling, classrooms or programs, in a safe learning environment. They will gain, increase in and benefit from empathy, compassion and self-awareness through the interactive learning. They will also gain insights and experience in healthy nutrition and food prep skills. Important knowledge, skills and abilities will be gained which the kids can use in becoming role models, community leaders and influencers, in a loving, positive and compassionate way! 
Community.  Compassion.  Caring. Change.  Positive and Powerful! Kids can change the world!

Compassionate Kids believes in them!  

interactive Programs

Our programs are interest-based, informative, and age-appropriate. They focus on promoting compassion through healthy & sustainable eating, animal & environmental protection and self love.

community outreach

Kids are given the tools to become powerful role models in their own community. Random acts of kindness/activism challenges promote community engagement in a fun and creative way. 

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